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Our Purpose and History

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The Georgia Youth Fellowship is comprised of like minded, independent Baptist churches throughout Georgia. The GYF is dedicated to Taking the Old Paths to a New Generation. We believe in old fashioned worship and are determined to not let it fall by the wayside in this modern world in which we live. We are dedicated to making sure that this generation knows the same power and presence of God that our forefathers knew.
The GYF hosts quarterly rallies at locations throughout the state of Georgia. We have also held an annual Winter Retreat. We encourage you to get involved in the Georgia Youth Fellowship.
The first Georgia Youth Fellowship rally was held on April 27, 1984, with an attendance of 289. Since then, dozens of churches throughout the state have hosted over eighty Rallies and nearly a dozen Winter Retreats with an average attendance of 600. Over 175 churches have attended the G. Y. F. The G. Y. F. is now in its thirtieth year of hosting quarterly Rallies and an annual Winter Retreat. Please consider allowing your youth group to be part of a great ministry by supporting the Georgia Youth Fellowship.
We look forward to the opportunity of being a blessing to your church.
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